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Building a Dome

“form ever follows function”

The following pictures display the step by step  construction process for one of our dome structures. In this case it is an  affordable-income home, 1017 square feet, 3 bedrooms, one bath, built in  south  Dallas. We built the home on a lot surrounded by older homes, predominantly  occupied by home owners. There was much interest on the dome structure by the  local home owners, and there were no  objections to our modern structure. We used  a bright exterior color to make a splash—which we certainly did as you'll see in  the exterior pictures.

House in south Dallas.
All pictures by Maurice Dubois

The ring form is is prepared for the foundation.  This will be a monolithic foundation—the structural beams and the slab will be  poured all at once.

Concrete is poured to make one "monolithic" slab,  joining the trenched beams with the floor slab. Note the massive amount of steel  in the slab. There will be additional steel placed  vertically around the outside  perimeter as soon as the concrete is placed, and before it sets. That steel will  connect the slab to the dome to make one incredibly massive, cohesive   structure.

The airform has been inflated—interior view. The  visible light is exterior daylight. The vertical bars have been bent down in  preparation for interior work. The first step in this particular  dome is the  building and installation of door and window bucks.

Exterior of the inflated dome after the door and  window bucks have been installed, prior to spraying of insulation on the  inside.

The final layer of insulation has been sprayed.  The horizontal steel reinforcing bars are being placed against the  insulation.

The steel installation has been completed and the  dome is ready for the first coat of shotcrete.

The dome is completed and the inflators have been  removed. Flatwork is in the process of being poured.

Construction of window and door dormers. The  critical process here will be welding of the dormer covering with the airform to  complete a water-tight installation.

The house is finished and ready for occupancy.

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