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Eye of the Storm, Sullivan’s Island, SC. Pictures by Maurice Dubois

5459-70 front 300
5459-70 first floor 150
5459-70 second floor 150

Southwest-style home - 5,459 s.f.  living space

Dome Site Plan 1-2

Sketches for small rental units

804 s.f. 2 bedroom home
Or a great office building. Construction Pictures.

32' dome 1st Flr-200 804 s.f., 32’ dome home
The Santa Fe
Complete, on your lot

32' dome front-200
What are
Monolithic Domes?
Sketches and ideas for Monolithic  Dome designs.
The building process. Construction Pictures
Domes 7-202
Domes 8-2

Hurricane survival - Sketches for beach front domes

Building Junk in America
A Broken Paradigm

The fires in Texas in September, 2011 proved a paradigm. In a Structures class I asked the professor why we continued to build houses out of wood. His answer was twofold: “They’re cheap to build, and that’s how we’ve always done it.” That was a perfect answer to an imperfect paradigm.

American architect, Louis Sullivan in 1896 wrote in an article on office buildings that “form ever follows function.” He was saying that one must first consider the functionality of a building before you consider its beauty or other characteristics. Sullivan’s assistant, Frank Lloyd Wright continued the “form follows function” mantra, as did many others in different fields.

In any building design there is only one most important role: To house and protect its inhabitants. That’s it. Nothing else matters. That is the function of a house. But big homebuilding corporations, small builders and the home buying public set that aside for points of extreme insignificance, such as the number of square feet; the R rating of the wall and ceiling insulation; the color of the brick; the beautiful Ionic columns; the SEER of the cooling units; the high ceilings; the crown moulding; and all the many refinements a particular home has that match what buyers see on HG TV.

Nobody, but nobody during the time that I’ve sold houses [conventional houses] has ever asked, “How safe will I be from fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, bullets or external explosions?” All buy under the assumption that “it won’t happen to me.”

According to FEMA, 76% of fire deaths occur in residences; the majority are in one- and two-family dwellings; thousands of people die in house fires each year in the U.S. While one can die in a fire that’s in a fireproof building, one is much less likely to die in a building that does not turn itself into a bonfire...More

Are Monolithic Domes bullet proof? Pretty much so.

Ready to build?
Start with a Feasibility Study
3-32' - 4 BR - 2520
Preliminary design and cost analysis

Burned house - 11
Why a Concrete Dome? Here are Solid Reasons

A Cadillac or a Covered Wagon?
When you think of a truly modern  structure, would you expect some of these features?

  • Tornado and wind resistance
  • Fireproof
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Termiteproof
  • Sefety first!

Building your Dome
Ideas and FAQs
804 - 14 - 200
How we can help get your dome built

     The first question most potential dome owners ask is, “How much will my dome cost?” A feasibility study will answer that question. After the cost hurdle is crossed, potential dome owners typically have a series of questions that are not specific to any one dome building. We’ll cover those questions here,


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